I.G.G.S.A.D. is a company exclusively dedicated to legal asset collection services, from 1996 supported by our extensive experience in this field and, of course, by the results achieved. Everything due to three key principles: Agility, Effectiveness, Professionalism.

Our team of Asset Managers is highly skilled is composed of more than 100 lawyers with a wide experience in the field of amicable collection, starting from their great knowledge about Claims of Quantity.

Furthermore and as an essential support on tracing physical persons and legal entities, we count on a Back Office team always connected through the internet to the most updated data bases and information centers, getting all the information available on the different public registries, such us Public Registry of Real State and Companies House, and also all the data needed to achieve the first goal: Tracing, Getting in touch with debtors and lawsuit presentation, in case is needed.

This is the way we have followed to build a team of people specialized in treating with debtors and supported by three essential premises:

A- Real economic situation of debtors, by means of a research of any goods he may have, even if those goods are not listed in name of them, firms related with them, real state listed in name of debtors or relatives, and lastly, their professional situation.

B- Research of the situation of the legal proceeding against the debtors starting from just few data or possibilities of success of setting up a new lawsuit.

C- And starting from the former two points, trying to make conversations with debtors, either by phone or personal conversations, to have warm, serious, strict and good manners, taking into account the importance of the Firms we represent, persuade debtors to finalize agreements with our clients and setting up new lawsuits in case this is not possible. In short, they are negotiating people focused on achieving the best results without underestimating any other situation, even if it is very unlikely to occur. People focused on getting the interest of debtors to pay their debt or the first payment proposal from them.

Facilities We have an EDITRAN remote connection license by INDRA in order to receive files from any institution. We also have a collaboration agreement with IT-Lab One, S.L. and have developed the best application focused on massive legal management together with them. Our clients may access our server (settled down in our facilities) to know the situation of any account. In order to do that, every internal asset manager, if asked by the institution, is sent a user name and password that let him/her access at a level of branches or accounts in its portfolio. Connections with our server are made through an extranet with a SSL level 2 secure server.

Corporate values

We are absolutely sure that everyone, according to their capabilities, must keep their desire for self-improvement and self-development during their whole life. People –as every firm- are bodies continuously developing ourselves, it always exist a new possibility, and only growing we could get to know and develop our capabilities. That is why we must improve our abilities and personal knowledge, and so our Firm will have the capability to offer more and better solutions

Innovation and Improvement
We are continuously trying to turn innovation in a new way of doing business; always chasing new ideas to achieve substantially better results. We dream about a firm composed of people who are permanently immersed in constant research of new services, processes and ways of doing thing to keep our firm at the forefront.

Positive attitude
This value starts with the premise that happiness is a choice, not a condition. We dream about a firm that obliges itself to keep a happy environment based on the injection of positivity, before any circumstance. This environment makes people happier in their jobs, which results in better performs and bigger withholding of talent.

Excellence and quality
Clients are firm’s raison d’être, satisfied clients strengthen our business. That is why we look for a model of organization focused to excellence in performance, which implies goals more and more aggressive.

Our maxim is to do our best with all our assignments and responsibilities of the transformation process.

Teamwork in our firm is the key to success, it creates synergy, besides making advantage of the differences between us. We strongly believe this is a very important source of creativity.

Quality Policy

I.G.G.S.A.D., dedicated to provide services to legal and amicable asset collection management establishes the present Quitity Policy and commits to promote the excellence on the service provided, from risk management approach and promoting everytime the improvement of the Quality System Management, based on the next points:

Growth and continuous development
Of our staff capacities, increasing their personal abilities and knowledge, with the goal of offering the best services.

Innovation and improvement Always pursuing new ideas, by means of searching for new services and processes.

Positive attitude As a base to create a better work environment wich help us retain talent. Team work, creating synergies and taking advantage of people differences, wich are sources of creativity.

Excellence In performance in order to encourage our clients to stay with us, ensuring their satisfaction and the satisfaction of every stakeholders involved, reaching the continuous improvement of our services

Commitment In compliance of the requirements and assignments of our clients and stakeholders, as well as every legal and mandatory requirements and/or every others of the transformation process.

The management of I.G.G.S.A.D. commits to make the present Quality Policy consistent and the exact representation of our activities, reviewing and adapting it when necessary. In the same way, mangament ensures that is spread, communicated and available for all our stakeholders.

Sevilla, 12th february 2019