Our Staff is made of people with great expertise, who are graduate in law and other degrees as bussiness or economy. 70 % of them are CIVIL AND BUSSINESS CERTIFIED MEDIATORS.

In addition to the support areas (Backoffice and IT), IGGSAD’s team is divided into two main departments

AMICABLE: Case Managers, professional negotiators focused on the best results without underestimating any situation, no matter how unlinkely could be getting debtor interest in the payment of his debt or the first payment proposal.

LEGAL: made of LAWYERS AND “PROCURADORES”, highly qualified in legal proceedings

IGGSAD has collaboration agreements with Universidad de Sevilla through ICARO, internship and employment portal used by andalusian universities, Universidad Politécnica of Cartagena, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad de León and UNED.

IGGSAD está especializada en la gestión judicial y extrajudicial de grandes carteras, ASSET COLLECTION MANAGEMENT.


Management period (amicable – prelegal – legal) determined by client.

Management proceess established by IGGSAD, with the authorisation of the client.

Our team of Case Managers, from wich 60% are degreed in law, are widely experienced in the field of amicable negotiation.

They are specialists in amicable management of NPL portfolios.

We have been able to create a team of people specialized in handling debtors basing itself in three essential premises:

1st.- Real economic situation: It is necessary to know real solvency and other properties, and of course, their current job status.

2nd.- Follow up of the real situation of the lawsuit from just a few pieces of information, against the debtor and success posibilities of filing a new lawsuit.

3rd.- And based on the two previous premises, making either phone calls or face to face conversations kind, serious, rigorous and with negotiating mood, given the name of the firms we represent, achieve the reconciliation with the debtor to interesting positions to our client.

Legal management

Both legal
Both legal and amicable managment are carried out simultaneously at all time.

Our legal division is composed by highly experienced Lawyers and solicitors on debt claims, filing and managing massive cases and lawsuits.

Within the legal division there is another subdivision, the legal BACK OFFICE department,

responsible for monitoring, coordinating, document preparation and verification, analysis, etc.

IGGSAD is constantly seeking for excellence and better results on legal massive management, our bet is high automation of processes. GestionLawyer is not just a data base. Our debt collection system interacts with our lawyers, solicitors and everyone who takes part on collections.

We came to the conclusion that promptness, agility and effectiveness in filing and managing legal claims is the key in this sector. Our thinking is focused on collecting as much as possible, as soon as possible and we strongly believe that the guarantee for present and future recovery, is based on having all the lawsuits filed and continuously updated and issue the pertinent foreclosures, that is, study every possibility of present collection and foresee future possibilities.


With GestionLawyer, at IGGSAD, we manage any number of procedures judicial, we subrogate in proceedings ongoing or we file new lawsuits, with maximum agility and efficiency. Our application, GestionLawyer, contains all templates by type of procedure, with automatic insertion in them of the Stored data, Court, Auto,

Our collection system, GestionLawyer, contains many customized templates organized by type of proceeding, wich are automaticly filled in with the data stored (Court, proceeding number, debtor, solicitor, etc.), expiry date warnings with or without reminders, for any concept, email delivery, manual or automatic and programmed reminders, with document filing, etc.

In a matter of minutes we will have sent all the writings that we have selected regardless of the number of them. Having all the required information loaded into our system, means we would only need to select the criteria we are interested on, choosing the right template and proceed to send it to the assigned solicitor, everything in just a few clicks. Few minutes later, we would have sent every document we have selected, no matter how many of them. VOCALCOM Contact Center, AVAYA switchboard with IP Technology, call recording system, predictive, preview and progressive dialer system. .